Finding Happiness, One Day at a Time

Happiness is not the belief that we need to change; it’s the realization that we can – Shawn Achor, The Happiness Advantage

The idea of “Happy,” we’ve all heard it, we’ve all dreamt of it, we’ve all even laughed at the thought of it, but is it possible that it is a real thing, or is it just another unicorn never to be discovered. Society has lead us to believe that happiness is defined by success; success in or our family life, success in our job, success in our success. I wonder who did the research on that? What if what society was telling us wasn’t true? Shocker right?!

Near and dear to my heart, the study of positive psychology has proven that success is actually defined by happiness, with, believe it or not, research to back it up (which I will dive into in another post). Although the concept of positive psychology is still evolving, the results of the studies are significant and ultimately show that the concept that you will be happy if you are successful is false, and it really is flipped…if you are happy, you will be successful. Crazy right?! I don’t think so, but I’m more than willing to test the theory, which brings me to my big idea that I’ve been hinting at lately.

Finding Happiness, One Day at a Time is a Group “Challenge” designed to help each of us take steps closer to a happy life. Lasting 90 days with each differently themed month consisting of positive tasks every day, it is a way to practice happy. It is a judgment-free zone where you will be a part of, and supported by, a “good vibe tribe” sharing our experiences as we motivate and inspire each other to spread kindness, peace and love, stepping in a positive direction toward happiness.

I will post a monthly calendar depicting a task for every day, with some tasks a staple every week, some simple enough that they may only take a minute of your time, and some challenging you a little more, allowing you to take a deeper look at what makes you tick. I will summarize the tasks every Sunday for the week ahead and may even post a few videos, although I may have to work my way up to that, as it terrifies me. I will also be checking in to see how everyone is doing daily and would love to hear about your experiences, your thoughts, and your ideas, so please share. Also, if you believe the idea of happy would benefit anyone else you know, please share. This challenge was developed to reach out to anyone who needs a little happy in their life (and who doesn’t need that 😊).

While some may deflect my idea that happiness is possible, I dare you to try it, even if it’s for a day. Just like in any challenge in our life, the mountain always seems steeper than it is, but with accountability, support, inspiration and love, we can achieve just about anything. The calendar is structured to ease into the idea of releasing the negative and embracing the positive, allowing you to open your heart and your mind a little more each day.

This challenge will primarily be featured on a private Facebook page at Finding Happiness One Day at A Time (, but I will be posting articles on my blog, and videos on Instagram and Twitter, however nothing personal that is not mine, will be shared outside of the page without consent. All are welcome, and whether you are participating or observing, I hope you join us on this journey, because really, the only consequence is happiness.

**Disclaimer – This is the first round/attempt/go/trial/test, so there may be some tweaks, disruptions, changes, and mistakes made along the way so please bear with me as we take this journey toward happy together.

Tips to Live More Positive, Happy Life

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