In this post, I talk about tips to more positive thinkingWelcome to Finding Happy, One Day at A Time. I am your host/coach/cheerleader/happy-seeker/tribe member, LisaJ. As you may have read, I am attempting to spread a little happiness to those who are searching for more in their lives, and what I’m about to tell you is an incredible secret that I’ve learned on my journey through life….Happiness, lies within You. It’s the truth, and although I am pumping you full of awesome ideas, I have no magic pill, or drink that will make you happy overnight. What I do have is a plan to help you find it.

My daughter once told me very loudly, in public, at 3 years old that WE ALL HAVE CHOICES. Little did she know the hard-core truth about that statement.  I understand some of you may be non-believers in the idea of happiness, and think I may have a screw loose, I might, but that’s ok, you’re here, you made the choice to join us, you chose to take a risk, and invest in the possibility of happiness. You consciously made that choice, and that’s a sliver of belief which is good enough for me.

I have posted the calendar for August which is titled “Gratitude and Kindness”. This month we will focus on these important concepts in small but powerful ways, as we slowly begin to alter our mindset from negative thinking to positive. While it’s easy to jump ahead or combine days, try not to. Consciously practicing every day is the important part, and as I said, if you already do these things, that’s awesome, this calendar and these posts are your reminder. I hope you go into this with an open mind and heart, because you are your key to living a happy life, and you have the ability to make that happen.

Now, just to be clear, when I talk about happiness and being happy in your life, I do not mean bubbly, upbeat, Suzy sunshine all the time. While that’s awesome, we are human, and it’s not quite what I mean. Everyone’s happiness means something different to them, and while our family and friends, and kids, etc. make us all insanely happy, I’m talking about something deeper, I’m talking about what makes you tick, what makes you want to get up in the morning ecstatic to be alive on a completely selfish level. Yes, I said selfish because this is a journey to find YOUR happy.

Some may know theirs, some may have an idea, and some are searching blindly, it’s truly up to you to determine, and me and the good vibe tribe are here to support you along the way. So, does it mean having the confidence to achieve something you never thought you would, peace in your mind, peace in your heart, striving to reach your potential or, you may have a definition similar to mine, connecting with others, and sharing my creativity in a positive way so I can be the best version of me. Happiness is what you define it to be, so what’s your definition?

This leads me to the first day of our challenge….

Day 1

Get yourself a journal whether it be a notebook, or an actual journal book, or even that mini calendar from 2012 you’ve kept in your side table, anything you can write on, and title it “My Journey to Happy”, then sit for a minute and truly think about what that means to you. What is your definition of happy, why are you here, what compelled you to click on that link to join this group and write it down.

Keep this journal throughout this process as it will be extremely valuable, because at the end of these couple months, I would love to know if that definition changed.

See that was easy right?! Day one complete 😊

Day 2

Next up, think of something you’re grateful for, and really think about it; what is it, why are you grateful, and do you express this gratitude toward whatever it may be regularly. Don’t worry if you have more than one, there will be plenty of days to write those down. For right now, pick one.

Day 3

Dance! Yep, I said that too, Dance! Dancing is an amazing way to let go of all worries, giving you the feeling of freedom, be kind to yourself and allow yourself that freedom and that truly happy feeling. Think of Ellen, there is a reason she dances before every show, and take it from my parents, after almost 50 years of marriage, dancing is still their happy place. So just do it, even if you feel silly. Crank up the music, alone or with a friend, your partner or your kids and just DANCE. (don’t forget to post videos!!)

Day 4

Give Back/Volunteer/Pay it Forward. This is a weekly task and for good reason. When we give back to others the feeling that fills you up is inexplainable. It is a completely different level of happy because you are giving happy to another. This can be done simply, or it can be dedicated time in the day, however you want to do it, but do something for someone else today, without expecting anything in return.

I will be listing suggestions for volunteering or ideas that come to me for these days, but please, please post yours!!

Day 5

Reflection/Self-Care. This is another weekly task as it is so very important that we take a moment to reflect our week, on our thoughts and on our emotions. Use this day to meditate, pray, read, sleep, or just sit in the quiet to calm your mind, hear your heart, and connect to yourself so you are ready for the week ahead. I know life can get busy, but please do not skip this day, it’s so very important for your well being and for your soul.

I will post suggested meditations and books for these days, and don’t hesitate to share your favorite as well.


So that’s Week 1!! Not so bad right?! I will be posting throughout the week to check in on you all and would love to hear from you so don’t be shy!! Thank you for joining me on this journey, my hope is that I can help you alter your thoughts, even a little, in a more positive direction, while you help me find my happy too!!

Much Love,


Click on the link to access the full month of August….Calendar

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