Finding Happy One Day at a Time - Living Positive and Choosing Happiness

You made it through week one!! So, what do you think, how are you feeling, did you find it easier to smile, easier to laugh, are you thinking slightly more positively? Were you able to define your happy, did you feel a glimmer of hope that it may actually exist? I hope you said yes to all these questions, but if it were only one, I’m excited about that too! It means you are thinking about it, thinking that the path to happy is there, right in front of you, and although it may take a little more conscious practice or a moment to dig a little deeper, you are still here, you are still believing in the possibility and I’m still here cheering you on!!

So now that we’ve defined happy, expressed gratitude, danced and given back, let’s kick it up a notch and connect to others with kindness. This may take a little more effort than last week and that’s my plan for us, challenge ourselves each week, stretch our comfort level and open our world to all that is possible and good. You are the author of your story, the creator of your world and the definer of your happiness, choose your words with kindness, open your heart to those around you and the opportunities and possibilities are endless.

That being said, below is Week Two, make it an awesome one 😊 …

Day 1 – Monday

Call, text, message a friend/family member you haven’t talked to in a while. We all get busy, life is crazy with work, school, kids, family, responsibilities, and a lot of times we lose touch with those we love. While this is not intentional, and we always say we are going to reconnect, most of the time, we don’t, and we push it off day after day, and then weeks and months pass by. Today, make the conscious effort to make that connection. Make that call or send that message. You never know how much that small gesture will mean to that person, or to you.

Day 2-Tuesday

Do something healthy for your body. While many times we either focus on our physical health or our mental health, one or the other, what we may not realize is that they work together to help each other. When we are mentally at ease or happy we have a desire to be physically happy and vice versa. You’ve been working hard on your mental health this week, today, make a choice to do some for your physical health. Go for a walk (bring the dog, he’ll/she’ll love it 😉), eat lots of veggies, take a class or just take in the fresh air of the outside. Believe me even if you resist at first, you will be so glad you did later.

Day 3-Wednesday

Tell the first person you see today to have a great day. Yep, I don’t care if it’s the guy at the gas station or the receptionist at the dentist, tell them to have a great day, or a fabulous day. You have no idea how that small statement can change someone’s mood. They may be struggling or have lost hope that there are any nice people left in this world. Renew their faith in humanity and wish them a fantastic rest of their day. And if it felt good, I dare you to tell everyone you talk to today to have a wonderful day, even the ones who test your patience, because they are truly the ones who need it most.

Day 4-Thursday

Think of two things you are grateful for, and you can’t use the same one from last week. Pick two new things and think deep why you are grateful and reflect on how much you acknowledge that gratitude in your daily life. Small or large be grateful.

Day 5-Friday

Today, give someone a compliment. Whether it be their smile, their shoes or the way they presented themselves at a meeting. You never know what anyone is going through at any time, but one compliment, one kind word, can help them through that moment or change their mood, which can open their heart a little more that minute, hour or day. Be kind, and say it out loud, and don’t forget…it’s Friday, give yourself permission to dance your hearts out!!

Day 6-Saturday

Give Back/Volunteer/Pay it Forward. Just like last week, Saturdays are a fantastic day to give back. This is a weekly task and for good reason. When we give back to others the feeling that fills you up is inexplainable. It is a completely different level of happy because you are giving happy to another. This can be done simply, or it can be dedicated time in the day, however you want to do it, but do something for someone else today, without wanting anything in return.

I will be listing suggestions for volunteering or ideas that come to me for these days, but please, please post yours!!

Day 7-Sunday

Reflection/Self-Care. Again, because this is so very important, this is another weekly task and like last week spend this day to take a moment to reflect your week, on your thoughts and on your emotions. Use this day to meditate, pray, read, sleep, or just sit in the quiet to calm your mind, hear your heart, and connect to yourself so you are ready for the week ahead. I know life can get busy, but please do not skip this day, it’s so very important for your well-being and for your soul.

I didn’t get a chance to post suggestion last week, but I will post suggested meditations and books this week, but also, don’t hesitate to share your favorite as well.


Ha!! Week Two, I’m so excited you are still here with me, let’s keep going, one day at a time and together let’s find some happy! Just like last week, I will be posting throughout the week to check in on you all and would love to hear from you so don’t be shy!! Keep writing in your journals, it’s so important!! Thank you for sticking with me on this journey, it is still my hope to convince you to alter your thoughts, even a little, in a more positive direction, while you help me find my happy too!!

Much Love,


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