Support 1 Year Old Shaina’s Fight Against Leukemia

Good morning! This is a page recently shared by a friend of mine whose sweet baby daughter is fighting an unimaginable fight. I met Jill last year while she was pregnant with baby Shaina and her postivity and kind heart were difficult not to love. Beautiful Shaina was born a little less than a year ago with Down Syndrome and her life has been a roller coaster since, but her smile would never let you know. Just recently, Shaina was diagnosed with Leukemia and roller the coaster continues to roar, but again, the smile never fades. While Shaina’s courage and fight are inspiring, the battle brings hardship on all who love her and wouldn’t it be a gift to allow them to support her without worry. If you can find it in your heart to give, please do, every little bit counts. If you want to help and don’t know how, please SHARE, the more we get the word out the more we can support this loving family so they can support their little girl. ❤️

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