Once Upon a Decade + Eight

Eight years ago I wrote the original version of this post. Today, with a few tweaks, bittersweet feelings and a heart overfull with love, I post it again to my strong, sweet, creative, amazing daughter on her 18th birthday. Legally, you are an adult, but you will always be my  little girl.


Once Upon a Decade (+Eight) an Angel was born…

How time flies – from the moment you entered my life, the world that I knew was rocked to the core.  I had been blessed with the most beautiful rose, hands so small and eyes so big.  Never did I think I could love so much, never did I believe this tiny little person would change my ways, my heart and my path, and continue to do so years later.  From first words to first grade, first crush to first car, everything you have done, and will do, is extraordinarily out of this universe.

My life was forever altered, and I am eternally grateful.  Although I knew from the beginning I could never give you the world (as much as I want to) and I could never promise perfection, today I give you what’s in my heart.

As we celebrate your EIGH(TE)ENTH birthday, I make to you the same promises that I made the day you born, and every day since…

I promise…

To always be there, whether you want me or not, big or small. I may not be able to solve whatever comes your way, and I may not always understand, but you will never need to question my presence, either by your side or in your heart;

I promise…

To be that mom. Your biggest cheerleader for all that you dream of, work toward and accomplish. I will also be the quiet shoulder for the times you feel unsteady or shaken with words of comfort and encouragement;

I promise…

To allow you space to make your life choices, whether it be school, career, friends or relationships, this time is yours to find your tribe, your path and your passion;

I promise…

To never lose faith in who you are or what you can do. You have shown me every moment on this planet that you are capable of more than anyone will ever know, and I will never doubt your abilities, your intelligence or your heart;

I promise…

To listen, discuss, debate, agree and agree to disagree with you, but no matter how heated or how controversial, I will always end the conversation with a hug;

I promise…

To be your mom. Yes, you still need a mom, and wherever life may take you that is one fact that will never change;

I promise…

To let go, step back, and watch you grow up into the incredible woman you were born to be, and stand in amazement as you awe the world with the light that you bring; and

I promise…

To love you unconditionally with every piece of my heart, forever and always…

I Promise.

Happy 18th Birthday my Sweet Ms. Rose, follow your heart toward all your dreams, and may this next chapter of your life bring you more joy than you can imagine, love that fills your soul, happiness beyond measure and so much fun and laughter you never forget how amazing it and you are!!


I love you!


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