Kay Clay Designs, on Instagram @kayclaydesigns

pottery1I’m so pumped to post about my trip to North Carolina for a Work/Life Integration Retreat, but I’m attempting to take my time in order to give it the justice it deserves. To say the least, it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Now, while the retreat itself was incredible, the connections I made with the inspirational women (and man) who attended are those I will not soon forget.

I could write for days about each of them and may still, but I wanted to share this story as an example of why “coincidence” is not a word in my vocabulary, and when you share your gifts with the world, extraordinary things happen.

pottery2The first day of the retreat, we were about five minutes in when the door opened and walked in an energetic soul, full of life and fun energy, who expressed embarrassment with a hint of delight all in one breath for coming in late. The moment Karen introduced herself it was absolutely necessary for me to become her friend.

As our activities continued, Karen proved that she brought a certain light to conversation and the people around her, and while I can tell several stories that made me smile and at times, even laugh out loud, it is the story of how she found her gift and her passion again that I write about today. pottery3

Karen attended a Triple W Work/Life Integration retreat a few years earlier and at that retreat she was reintroduced to pottery making at the clay studio on the premises of The Art of Living Retreat Center. She expressed to us that she used to love it, but like many of us, life got in the way. However, the moment she sat down at the wheel again, the light inside reignited, and she hasn’t stopped since, even going as far as seeking out her favorite potter in Mexico when she visited.

We were lucky enough to be there this past weekend when she chose to share her gift with us all, explaining to us that the pottery she makes is inspired by nature, incorporating, water, earth and the mountains as it reminds her of where she was when she found her passion once again.

pottery4I wanted to thank her for sharing her gift with us by sharing her gift with all who I could reach by way of mine. Each picture is a piece made by Karen, and the love she puts in every one is obvious. If you’re curious, more of these beauties can be found on Instagram @kayclaydesigns. Check her out, it’s my understanding she has just started to sell her wonderful craft 😊

By the way, the coolest part of the story was that this past weekend after noticing the gift shops at the retreat center did not showcase any pottery, she approached the manager to ask if they would be interested in selling hers, and they were! Circle of life…where she found her passion once again, is the same place she will begin her adventure of sharing it with the world. Rock on Karen can’t wait to see your stuff out my way!! pottery5

 Much Love,

Lisa J.

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