When Heaven Gains an Angel, So Do We

A day always on my mind and in my heart ❤

Positively Love

I sit here tonight looking up at the stars in wonder. Wonder that sends my mind to thoughheavents spiraling in waves of emotions that are made up of mostly awe. The type of awe that plummets you into a world of questions where no true explanation lies — the unexplainable phenomenon of creation, the beauty of what surrounds us and the meaning behind it all. While I can sit and contemplate these wonders all night, today, my mind focuses on one question that plagues those who are left behind after losing someone they love. Where?

You may not agree. You may be thinking that the question I should be asking is Why? Why are there those who walk this earth until they are old and gray and those who barely experience living. Why are there those who are stricken with sickness and pain and those who leave us in…

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