Listen, Don’t Judge

Ironically one of my favorite things to do in this life is to meet new people. This is ironic because as a younger version of me I would have considered myself socially awkward, a complete introvert and even a wallflower of sorts. I liked to observe, not engage, mostly out of fear.

My fear stemmed from judgement from those around me, from what others would think of me, how I looked, what I did or if I opened my mouth and something silly came out, which happened often. I was afraid not of other people but the fabrication I had formulated in my own mind of what others felt about me.

As I grew I learned to accept myself as I am, silly, sometimes odd, but curious and full of love and respect for others and their stories. I also realized that the same judgement I feared, I projected many times in my life and when I become aware of this I changed it, and the way I thought about those I encountered every day. By opening my heart and mind, I opened my life up to meeting some incredible people. 🧡

Please don’t judge, but listen, no matter the environment in which you meet people, whether it be in a line at the grocery, at a community run, church, school, the neighborhood or even the bar. We are all imperfectly human, and if you judge before you listen, you may never have the privilege of knowing their story 🦋🧡

Have a beautiful day!

2 thoughts on “Listen, Don’t Judge

  1. I really like that quote at the end! I think this is such a problem that so many of us struggle with even unintentionally! Sometimes we may not even realise that we are judging someone simply by what we can see, but we do. And we shouldn’t. Great challenge.

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