Acknowledge the Beauty Around You

As we live our every day life, many times we walk with our heads down, determined to be undistracted and focused on plans for our own success. In this practice it’s common to “miss” things including the beauty that surrounds us. 🧡

While it is important to dream and to make steps toward these dreams, don’t forget to pick up your head and not only see the beauty in those around you, but the beauty within.

Remember to check in with yourself and remind yourself how incredible you are, that you are worth every amazing thing that life brings you, and that each challenge is helping you grow into who you are, and then go out and remind others of the same.

If you see their beauty, their success, their love, their generosity or their need to know just how wonderful they are, tell them.

They may not know it themselves, and just one small gesture, or one small word of encouragement from you may be the only one they hear, and may help them remember, not just that moment, not just that day but possibly their lifetime 🦋🧡

Choose Kindness, and tell someone how beautiful they are today!

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