Be the Pebble

I’ve been telling my mom since I was a kid that I was going to be on Oprah and change the world. I was always the dreamer and she knew it. She’d laugh, shake her head and smile and say “you know if anyone can, it’s you.”

Back then I thought in order to do that I’d have to find fame, recognition, and do something huge that everyone could see. I had big plans in my head, big goals I could see, but could never quite find the path to get there.

While there are many lessons in this journey of mine, the one I almost missed and I would say, most important, was that to change the world, all you need is a smile, a kind word, a grateful heart and an open mind.

The ripple effect…one pebble can change the water, one small act can change a moment, a mindset or even a life. You have the ability to cause that effect everyday the second you open your eyes. It’s a beautiful realization and a beautiful way to live 🧡🦋

Choose to be the pebble and choose to change the world. Have an amazing day!


Take a day to check in with yourself, to calm the mind, reflect on the heart and center your intentions. Some times we are overwhelmed and don’t even realize it, and it can take a toll on us mentally, emotional and physically. 🧡

Self-care is not a selfish request from yourself, but a necessary one. Rejuvenate all that makes you tick by unplugging from all that fills your thoughts, even for a moment. Remind yourself to breathe, fill your lungs, and then take on the the week with fresh eyes and an open heart.

Unplug and re-center for you, so you can accomplish all you dream as the best version of you 🦋🧡

Have an incredible day!

Lead with Values

I sat in on a call yesterday about how good, successful leaders infuse values into their companies. It resonated and while there were several points I took away there were a few I wish all leaders truly understood. Also, while it was a work related call it was life related advice. 🧡

These are just a few:

“The more good you put out there, the more you receive in return”. Simple but powerful. Make sure your intentions are infused with love and kindness and you will receive it back tenfold;

Humor is important in all areas of life including work. Laughing together in the light moments allows for stronger bonds that make the serious moments more manageable and much more successful; and

Lead by example and allow for those around you to understand you are human too. Simply do what you ask and just because someone is in a leader position doesn’t not mean they become inhuman, superhuman or immortal, they are still human and the more that is seen the more a leader is respected. Remember who you truly are and those around you will be inspired.

Leader, manager, co-worker, teammate, coach or partner, lead with love, compassion, honesty and values and you build a foundation where you can build castles 🦋🧡

Have a successful and gorgeous day!

Tell Them

You can never express too much appreciation or love for those who make you feel like the real authentic you is perfect just the way you are. 🧡

I’m talking about those people in your life who share your energy, laugh at jokes only you find funny, whose patience is never tested when you can’t make a decision, who believe your obsessions or quirks or outlandish ideas about life, love and the pursuit of happiness are what make you a person they want to spend time with and share their heart with, who somehow understand how you are feeling just by the tone of your voice, and who believe in you so much you have no choice but to believe in yourself. 🦋🧡

Those people are the ones that make your soul sing and those people are a gift. Tell them. Tell them how they fill your life with confidence and joy, and tell them how much they mean to you. Your words will not be unheard but cherished, and the feelings I’m sure will be shared.

I’m absolutely blessed to be gifted such people in my life and to all of you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for seeing me, and sharing this beautiful life with me. 🧡

Have an amazing day!


A simple smile can change your pace, your mood or brighten the day of a stranger. Do not underestimate its power 🧡

Smile because you can, smile because there will be light again, and smile because it may be the one gesture that changes the heart of another. 🦋🧡

Smile and have a beautiful day!

Acknowledge the Beauty Around You

As we live our every day life, many times we walk with our heads down, determined to be undistracted and focused on plans for our own success. In this practice it’s common to “miss” things including the beauty that surrounds us. 🧡

While it is important to dream and to make steps toward these dreams, don’t forget to pick up your head and not only see the beauty in those around you, but the beauty within.

Remember to check in with yourself and remind yourself how incredible you are, that you are worth every amazing thing that life brings you, and that each challenge is helping you grow into who you are, and then go out and remind others of the same.

If you see their beauty, their success, their love, their generosity or their need to know just how wonderful they are, tell them.

They may not know it themselves, and just one small gesture, or one small word of encouragement from you may be the only one they hear, and may help them remember, not just that moment, not just that day but possibly their lifetime 🦋🧡

Choose Kindness, and tell someone how beautiful they are today!

Listen, Don’t Judge

Ironically one of my favorite things to do in this life is to meet new people. This is ironic because as a younger version of me I would have considered myself socially awkward, a complete introvert and even a wallflower of sorts. I liked to observe, not engage, mostly out of fear.

My fear stemmed from judgement from those around me, from what others would think of me, how I looked, what I did or if I opened my mouth and something silly came out, which happened often. I was afraid not of other people but the fabrication I had formulated in my own mind of what others felt about me.

As I grew I learned to accept myself as I am, silly, sometimes odd, but curious and full of love and respect for others and their stories. I also realized that the same judgement I feared, I projected many times in my life and when I become aware of this I changed it, and the way I thought about those I encountered every day. By opening my heart and mind, I opened my life up to meeting some incredible people. 🧡

Please don’t judge, but listen, no matter the environment in which you meet people, whether it be in a line at the grocery, at a community run, church, school, the neighborhood or even the bar. We are all imperfectly human, and if you judge before you listen, you may never have the privilege of knowing their story 🦋🧡

Have a beautiful day!