Life List

When I was ready to live in my truth, it felt like home ~ Lisa J.

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I had something profound happen to me last night that seemed like the cherry on top of a lovely day. If you’ve kept up on my blog, I’m sure you’ve noticed an underlying theme. I enjoy writing about how I’m finding my way to my happiness, and now that I’ve revamped the definition of my happiness, my path to my truth. It is also my practice and my joy to inspire others to look from a different perspective, believe in who they are, and listen to their hearts and the quiet voice from within.

In an earlier post, “This is Me, This is My Why”, I gave a short summary of my crazy life, which was a small glimpse of my sometimes chaotic, rocky, dark and unsteady, but purposeful journey. During these years of my life, never did I realize I was developing awareness or learning lessons that would have led me to where I am now, and it is a common occasion when I don’t realize just how far I’ve come.

Last night, I stumbled upon a “Life List” I wrote back in 2006, and as the name implies, it is a list of 60 things I wanted to accomplish in this life. However, the profound and fascinating part to me is not necessarily the list, but that I truly don’t ever remember making this list, why I made this list, or even that it was here in this house. Last night it served as a giant reminder, sign, smack in the face, whatever you want to call it, as to how much I’ve grown and changed, but yet, not changed, in the last 12 years.

While the entire list is not completed, like visiting Australia or New York, many, many of them are, and I honestly didn’t realize I was checking them off. This is truly something extraordinary that makes me realize my true nature, even when I thought I lost it so many years ago, stayed with me through dark and light, good and bad, so when I was ready to live in that truth, it felt like home.

The entire list is lengthy, so I won’t name them all, but I will touch on the ones that are significant and eye opening to me. The truth is though, to truly understand why this is so profound, you must understand where I was in my life when I wrote it. With no question, I had no idea where, or what, my life purpose or meaning was, or even what I was doing with myself or how to live without drama or madness; however, the items on this list were as important to me then (which I didn’t realize) as they are now, and made it full circle to becoming the foundation of this blog that I only began in July of this year without consciously realizing.

The below consists of various practices I apparently had hoped to accomplish, and many achieved, and you can see, at different periods over the last 12 years, and those I did not even think to begin to practice until this past July:

Forgiveness (2018); Be more confident (ongoing); Quit smoking (2011); Positivity (2018); Meditate (2006 and then never again until 2018); Remove the negative and take control of my life (2017-18); Get my Bachelors (2020, I’ll be 41); Pray more (2018, which I never thought I would do again); Face my fears (2018); Stop worrying about getting everyone’s approval (2018); Start running/exercise (2013); Coach (2011-2014); Volunteer (started at the animal shelter 2010); Travel to places I’ve never been (2006-present); and Inspire (hopefully, 2018). I can say without a doubt, this list got lost never to be thought of again until last night, but MOST of them happened within the last 12 years, without me even realizing.

I continue to be in awe that these items were written so many years ago and although I consciously did not see them every day, I was subconsciously checking them off one by one. That in mind, and as powerful as this is to me, I’ve decided to make a new list, but this time around, I plan to make it visible every day:

1)   All the stuff from the first list that is ongoing, or I have not yet accomplished, like learning to Salsa;

2)   Get married;

3)   Write for a living;

4)   Co-Create with one of my closest friends;

5)   Own a business (this was also on list #1);

6)   Practice self-care (eat better, exercise, meditate);

7)   Appreciate and be grateful for everybody and everything, small and large in my life;

8)   Travel, and travel more;

9)   Walk with faith;

10)                Love lots…

Your mind is a beautiful, mysterious and incredible thing. What we desire in this life is attainable if we desire from a place of passion, truth and love. Sit down, have the thoughts, say them out loud, make a list, plant the seeds in your subconscious, and your true nature and path will reveal itself, even if it’s 12 years later.

Much Love,
Lisa J.


Why Not You?

Not me, but Why day? 🙂 Photo by Pixabay

Believing in yourself, your mission and your heart is not just a meme we find on social media, but the real deal, and once you commit to those beliefs, you can achieve more than think you can ~ Lisa J. 

I had a different post in mind just a few minutes ago, but it’s funny how our paths sometime lead us in a way we don’t even realize. As you may already know, I have started a pretty exciting journey in the world of writing, specifically children’s books. This along with my subject of today, was something I never expected to step into, and while that is a story in itself, it is not the reason behind this post. This post is actually about how sometimes, even when we are confident in our walk, we tend to get distracted by the outside world that, at times, begs the question…Why Me? 

This question can rear it’s ugly head in various chapters of our lives, especially during the hard times. We find ourselves asking out loud or in a whisper to our higher power, the universe as a whole or whoever will listen, Why Me? I won’t lie, I have had this question weigh on my heart many times, and in those thoughts the emotions that overtake me consist of mostly anger, the feelings of unjustness, and the repetitive notion that I need an answer.

Unfortunately, even in these low moments, the moments that can break us, the moments that can make us question our faith, our love and even contemplate the reasons behind it all, what we don’t realize, the answer to Why Me is always Why Not? 

It feels so harsh, but it’s true, and while maybe I will post more elaborately about this side of things, the above serves as more of an introduction to a more positive point, give me just two more minutes…If this is true for all the times we feel we get the short of the stick, doesn’t that mean it can be flipped to answer the same question in a different context? The answer…Why Not?

That’s where I was tonight. I had typed in a title for a different post altogether when I got distracted (which happens often, ;)) and I found myself engrossed in yet another publisher’s website reading submission guidelines word for word and paging through the bios of author after author. Suddenly I felt myself slipping into that same mentality, “Look at all these crazy talented writers, they’ve been doing this forever, that’s not me, Why would they choose Me?” 

I know I’m not alone with these thoughts. Have you ever seen a successful person, or a person doing exactly what you’ve only dreamed about doing, and think to yourself, “Wow, how nice for them, I’ll never see that kind of success, why would I ever think that could be me?” Don’t be shy, you can nod, it’s ok, we all do it. It’s self-doubt, or this insane idea that successful, in every definition of success, people are superhuman not of this earth. What we don’t realize is that the answer is always the same…WHY NOT? 

If you really want to dive deep into this subject, I can go on and on about how we may not always be a direct cause for the negative or positive in our lives, but we are absolute contributors, that is not why I write this post. My point and my message to not just you, but to myself, is if we can ask ourselves the question, Why Me, why can’t the answer be the same for both scenarios. WHY NOT? 

So next time you catch yourself daydreaming about that dream job, that mountain to climb, creating every day, loving, laughing, enjoying life to the fullest in whatever way is the most true for you, and you start to ask yourself , Why Me? Before you spiral into the ocean of self pity and excuses, respond with the only answer that can set you free from the envy and the anger…WHY NOT? The catch however, is once you answer this question within your heart, the true test is what you do next.

Why Me? Why You? Well, because Why Not? is only the first statement to the story of your dreams and when you believe it in you, what you once thought was impossible becomes more possible than you could have ever imagined. 

Much Love, 

Lisa J.

Side note example: After I started this post I read an article about how a 25 year old became the first Asian Indiana State Representative when the odds were stacked against him. Why him? Well, Why Not! Believing in yourself, your mission and your heart is not just a meme we find on social media, but the real deal, and once you commit to those beliefs, you can achieve more than think you can 🙂 

Remember Me, But How?

My journey of self-discovery started years ago, and I wasn’t even aware. The components to what would allow me to find my true path in this life as the true me would show themselves throughout the course of my walk before I understood what it all truly meant.  I say this because I believe that is true for all of us. There are light bulbs that go on in our hearts and in our head many times during our journey, but it takes experience, love and self-awareness to begin to listen. Today after yet another profound discovery about myself, I was drawn to pick up an old journal and out dropped a single piece of paper with the following written on it, front and back. This was written 10 years ago, before I read the Universe Has Your Back, before I read a single self-help book and at the start of what I will call now my journey to my truth…

Photo by Pixabay

I am about to turn 30 and I am amazed even still with the events, people and personalities that surround me. In my opinion my life is “low key”, I don’t party, I have limited friends and for some reason as a few have said I am still a drama magnet… For so long in my life I was such a negative, unhappy, unpleasable person. … I see things different for the most part, a genuinely happy person yet still unpleasable. …., and I am still amazed, shocked and uneasy with the amount of sadness, pain and insensitivity.

I think the one major thing in my life that has massively changed is the ability to forgive. It has set me free but leaves me questioning why we are so shocked at the behavior of our children. ….we live in a society of revenge, hatred and negativity. …. Blame drugs, blame TV, blame others, but really, they learn from watching us, as individuals and as a whole. 

Not too long ago, I was talking to a friend and telling her that I was lucky to have not lost, in death, anyone close to me. My “luck” didn’t last long after that conversation, and it continues to remind me every day is precious and beautiful, and to be negative and unforgiving is a waste of time and energy because what you do here, now, reflects who you are after death, and how do you want to be remembered?  

While this may sound like rambling to you because honestly that’s what it was at time, this was the beginning for me. How did I want to be remembered, what legacy was I to leave behind, specifically for my children? From that point forward, I was searching for the answer. While there have been many challenges along the way, and lessons I needed to learn, I find that one thing is for certain, forgiveness is the key, and love is the answer.

My journey will continue and will be ever evolving because I believe that is life, and while I am much farther along than I was 10 years ago, I know I still have a lot to learn. My wish for you is that you listen to your heart and the lessons, fill your life with love, and live with good intentions in the journey to your truth.

Much Love,
Lisa J.


follow dreams
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Welcome Back Everyone!! So happy to have you with me on this journey and cannot wait to share my secret with you this week. This project, Finding Happy, has profoundly impacted my life in such a positive way that I have to tell you something that you may not know. All of this – the blog, the posts, the videos, the putting myself out there and challenging myself every day are steps toward my happy, and a piece of my definition of that happy is fulfilling my dream of writing a book. My secret, is that each step has most definitely not been planned, detailed or even completely thought out. You know why? Not that it doesn’t take some planning, dedication or work, because it does, but sometimes you cannot plan on how dreams unfold, and if you just surrender to the possibilities, your intuition or gut, instead of controlling every twist and turn, if it was meant to be, I unshakably believe, it will be 😊

This week I want to talk more about your dreams, your goals and how if we see ourselves in our minds eye living out those dreams, they will come into our lives if they were meant to happen. Whether it’s psychological, cosmic or the path of our life that progressively shows itself to us as we walk our journey, if we dream, we can choose to make those dreams come alive. When I first started this blog, I didn’t have an outline or a plan, there are days when I start to write and have no idea what I’m going to say (like today), but somehow it comes to me. I was meant to write and although there have been struggles with self-doubt, I relentlessly keep coming back and each time it just gets better. I now guest post on a wonderful blog, a positive website, and my own site is gaining traction and followers, on top of all the amazing connections and friends I have made along the way. All of this because I am taking one day at a time to find my happy, my voice and myself, and now wholeheartedly believe that nothing is impossible.

Don’t ever feel your dreams are too big or too crazy and don’t EVER give up on your goals or yourself. Follow your heart, ignite your spark and allow it to burn with passion. Someone told me one time that someone once said, we know when we have found our passion when we are willing to do it for free…My wish for you is to find that passion or that dream, whatever it may be!!!

With that said, let’s start off our week with another list so you can see your dreams on paper and realize that you can make them happen…

Day 1 – Monday

Get Out Those Journals. I know we started last Monday with our journals and feel its not a bad way begin. This week however, instead of goals for yourself, make a Bucket List. List the things you want to do, see, say or experience before you leave this world. Do you want to see the Grand Canyon, swim with dolphins, sky dive, visit a foreign country, drink a beer at an Irish Pub, see the aurora borealis, lay under a star lit sky just because, walk a black sand beach or attend a yoga retreat, write it down. Write a list of at least ten and if there is more, keep writing. You can say one day, one day I will…when the time is right, but the time to acknowledge your bucket list is now. Write it down, hang it up, keep it to yourself, but acknowledge your dreams and then just like with your goals, take small steps every day closer to one of those dreams.

Day 2-Tuesday

Acknowledge a Negative in Your Life and Let it. We all have bad habits, we all carry negatives around that snuff out the light in our lives, sometimes without us even realizing. It could be a that we drink too much, we smoke when we don’t even want to, we watch too much mindless TV or we are judgmental to others. Pick just one, focus on it and list reasons why you do it and reason why you shouldn’t and study your answers. Then, think about how this habit positively affects your life. If it doesn’t, make a plan to remove it. This may not be as easy as I make it sound, but sometimes all it takes is to see how this habit negatively affects your life to choose to change it. Much luck on this one, I know it can be challenging, but I believe in you.

Day 3-Wednesday

Do Something Healthy for Your Body. This kinda of goes hand in hand with yesterday, but it’s a good one! I know you thought this one was over since we did this last month, but surprise. Get up, get moving or chose to eat healthy, even if it’s just for today. Baby steps are still steps. Go for a walk, take a class, go to the Y and swim some laps. Your physical health is important to your mental health and the more we take the steps to make it important the more it becomes important, and soon it’s a positive, healthy habit instead of a forced one.

Day 4-Thursday

Take Steps Toward a Goal. Okay, now that you’ve acknowledged your goals on your vision board, go take a long look at it. Take it in and pick one of those goals and sit down and think about what it would take to reach that goal. Once you’ve wrapped your head around it, write them down, then work on accomplishing the first step on that list. Don’t overwhelm yourself, it only needs to be a baby step, but a baby step is still a step in the direction of your ultimate goal. You got this!

Day 5-Friday

Pick a Space and Make it Positive. Last week we uncluttered a space, this week, let’s make a space ours. When I decided to change the atmosphere of my cubicle at work to a positive one, the mood within the hours and days spent at that desk shifted. It’s brighter, calmer and positive. Pick a space whether it be a bedroom, bathroom, office or cubicle and change it. Change the color, make it yours, make it reflect a happy space, a space you can’t wait to spend time in. Sometimes all we need is a little change to shift our moods. Today, pick that space and shift with a little change of surroundings.

Day 6-Saturday

Give Back/Volunteer/Pay it Forward. It’s Saturday and you know what that means!! It’s a fantastic day to give back. This is a weekly task and will continue to be for good reason. When we give back to others the feeling that fills you up is inexplainable. It is a completely different level of happy because you are giving happy to another. This can be done simply, or it can be dedicated time in the day, however you want to do it, but do something for someone else today, without expecting anything in return.

**Remember, these acts of kindness do not have to be extravagant. Pay for a coffee, carry some groceries, donate, volunteer or just be kind without expecting anything in return.

Day 7-Sunday

Reflection/Self-Care. Love this day. Today is the day to connect with your why and your inner thoughts and emotions. Today is the day to remember the amazing person you are. Spend this day to take a moment to reflect on your week, and on why you chose to practice positive. Use this day to meditate, pray, read, sleep, or just sit in the quiet to calm your mind, hear your heart, and connect to yourself so you are ready for the week ahead. I know life can get busy, but please do not skip this day, it’s so very important for your well-being and for your soul.

***Please share some good books, I’m looking for a new one to read!!


Choose positive, choose kindness, choose gratitude and choose to have an amazing day every day this week. Don’t look away from your dreams, follow your heart and believe in yourself. You truly are amazing and capable of amazing things. Allow yourself to shine and you may surprise yourself 😊

As usual, I will be posting on the Finding Happy One Day at a Time Facebook Page throughout the week to check in on you all and would love to hear from you so don’t be shy!! Keep writing in your journals, it’s so important!! Thank you for sticking with me or just joining me on this journey, it is my hope to persuade you to alter your thoughts, even a little, in a more positive direction, while you help me find my happy too!!

Much Love,


Freedom, Light & Color

Still rummaging through old boxes of random journals and notebooks…Came across these notes, confirming once again, that my journey to my voice and my path to the true me began long ago

tunnel of light
Photo by Pixabay

In a place of constant noise and dark tunnels, it’s difficult to find your way to peace and meaning. I close my eyes and imagine freedom, light and color. Superficial drudge masks the life we are capable of living. Live in the light and color, and live free.

dreams butterflies
Photo by Pixabay

To dream, I do

To be loved, I am

To write, I can

To inspire, I hope

Much Love,