Finding Happy One Day at a Time - Living Positive and Choosing Happiness

You made it through week one!! So, what do you think, how are you feeling, did you find it easier to smile, easier to laugh, are you thinking slightly more positively? Were you able to define your happy, did you feel a glimmer of hope that it may actually exist? I hope you said yes to all these questions, but if it were only one, I’m excited about that too! It means you are thinking about it, thinking that the path to happy is there, right in front of you, and although it may take a little more conscious practice or a moment to dig a little deeper, you are still here, you are still believing in the possibility and I’m still here cheering you on!!

So now that we’ve defined happy, expressed gratitude, danced and given back, let’s kick it up a notch and connect to others with kindness. This may take a little more effort than last week and that’s my plan for us, challenge ourselves each week, stretch our comfort level and open our world to all that is possible and good. You are the author of your story, the creator of your world and the definer of your happiness, choose your words with kindness, open your heart to those around you and the opportunities and possibilities are endless.

That being said, below is Week Two, make it an awesome one 😊 …

Day 1 – Monday

Call, text, message a friend/family member you haven’t talked to in a while. We all get busy, life is crazy with work, school, kids, family, responsibilities, and a lot of times we lose touch with those we love. While this is not intentional, and we always say we are going to reconnect, most of the time, we don’t, and we push it off day after day, and then weeks and months pass by. Today, make the conscious effort to make that connection. Make that call or send that message. You never know how much that small gesture will mean to that person, or to you.

Day 2-Tuesday

Do something healthy for your body. While many times we either focus on our physical health or our mental health, one or the other, what we may not realize is that they work together to help each other. When we are mentally at ease or happy we have a desire to be physically happy and vice versa. You’ve been working hard on your mental health this week, today, make a choice to do some for your physical health. Go for a walk (bring the dog, he’ll/she’ll love it 😉), eat lots of veggies, take a class or just take in the fresh air of the outside. Believe me even if you resist at first, you will be so glad you did later.

Day 3-Wednesday

Tell the first person you see today to have a great day. Yep, I don’t care if it’s the guy at the gas station or the receptionist at the dentist, tell them to have a great day, or a fabulous day. You have no idea how that small statement can change someone’s mood. They may be struggling or have lost hope that there are any nice people left in this world. Renew their faith in humanity and wish them a fantastic rest of their day. And if it felt good, I dare you to tell everyone you talk to today to have a wonderful day, even the ones who test your patience, because they are truly the ones who need it most.

Day 4-Thursday

Think of two things you are grateful for, and you can’t use the same one from last week. Pick two new things and think deep why you are grateful and reflect on how much you acknowledge that gratitude in your daily life. Small or large be grateful.

Day 5-Friday

Today, give someone a compliment. Whether it be their smile, their shoes or the way they presented themselves at a meeting. You never know what anyone is going through at any time, but one compliment, one kind word, can help them through that moment or change their mood, which can open their heart a little more that minute, hour or day. Be kind, and say it out loud, and don’t forget…it’s Friday, give yourself permission to dance your hearts out!!

Day 6-Saturday

Give Back/Volunteer/Pay it Forward. Just like last week, Saturdays are a fantastic day to give back. This is a weekly task and for good reason. When we give back to others the feeling that fills you up is inexplainable. It is a completely different level of happy because you are giving happy to another. This can be done simply, or it can be dedicated time in the day, however you want to do it, but do something for someone else today, without wanting anything in return.

I will be listing suggestions for volunteering or ideas that come to me for these days, but please, please post yours!!

Day 7-Sunday

Reflection/Self-Care. Again, because this is so very important, this is another weekly task and like last week spend this day to take a moment to reflect your week, on your thoughts and on your emotions. Use this day to meditate, pray, read, sleep, or just sit in the quiet to calm your mind, hear your heart, and connect to yourself so you are ready for the week ahead. I know life can get busy, but please do not skip this day, it’s so very important for your well-being and for your soul.

I didn’t get a chance to post suggestion last week, but I will post suggested meditations and books this week, but also, don’t hesitate to share your favorite as well.


Ha!! Week Two, I’m so excited you are still here with me, let’s keep going, one day at a time and together let’s find some happy! Just like last week, I will be posting throughout the week to check in on you all and would love to hear from you so don’t be shy!! Keep writing in your journals, it’s so important!! Thank you for sticking with me on this journey, it is still my hope to convince you to alter your thoughts, even a little, in a more positive direction, while you help me find my happy too!!

Much Love,


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In this post, I talk about tips to more positive thinkingWelcome to Finding Happy, One Day at A Time. I am your host/coach/cheerleader/happy-seeker/tribe member, LisaJ. As you may have read, I am attempting to spread a little happiness to those who are searching for more in their lives, and what I’m about to tell you is an incredible secret that I’ve learned on my journey through life….Happiness, lies within You. It’s the truth, and although I am pumping you full of awesome ideas, I have no magic pill, or drink that will make you happy overnight. What I do have is a plan to help you find it.

My daughter once told me very loudly, in public, at 3 years old that WE ALL HAVE CHOICES. Little did she know the hard-core truth about that statement.  I understand some of you may be non-believers in the idea of happiness, and think I may have a screw loose, I might, but that’s ok, you’re here, you made the choice to join us, you chose to take a risk, and invest in the possibility of happiness. You consciously made that choice, and that’s a sliver of belief which is good enough for me.

I have posted the calendar for August which is titled “Gratitude and Kindness”. This month we will focus on these important concepts in small but powerful ways, as we slowly begin to alter our mindset from negative thinking to positive. While it’s easy to jump ahead or combine days, try not to. Consciously practicing every day is the important part, and as I said, if you already do these things, that’s awesome, this calendar and these posts are your reminder. I hope you go into this with an open mind and heart, because you are your key to living a happy life, and you have the ability to make that happen.

Now, just to be clear, when I talk about happiness and being happy in your life, I do not mean bubbly, upbeat, Suzy sunshine all the time. While that’s awesome, we are human, and it’s not quite what I mean. Everyone’s happiness means something different to them, and while our family and friends, and kids, etc. make us all insanely happy, I’m talking about something deeper, I’m talking about what makes you tick, what makes you want to get up in the morning ecstatic to be alive on a completely selfish level. Yes, I said selfish because this is a journey to find YOUR happy.

Some may know theirs, some may have an idea, and some are searching blindly, it’s truly up to you to determine, and me and the good vibe tribe are here to support you along the way. So, does it mean having the confidence to achieve something you never thought you would, peace in your mind, peace in your heart, striving to reach your potential or, you may have a definition similar to mine, connecting with others, and sharing my creativity in a positive way so I can be the best version of me. Happiness is what you define it to be, so what’s your definition?

This leads me to the first day of our challenge….

Day 1

Get yourself a journal whether it be a notebook, or an actual journal book, or even that mini calendar from 2012 you’ve kept in your side table, anything you can write on, and title it “My Journey to Happy”, then sit for a minute and truly think about what that means to you. What is your definition of happy, why are you here, what compelled you to click on that link to join this group and write it down.

Keep this journal throughout this process as it will be extremely valuable, because at the end of these couple months, I would love to know if that definition changed.

See that was easy right?! Day one complete 😊

Day 2

Next up, think of something you’re grateful for, and really think about it; what is it, why are you grateful, and do you express this gratitude toward whatever it may be regularly. Don’t worry if you have more than one, there will be plenty of days to write those down. For right now, pick one.

Day 3

Dance! Yep, I said that too, Dance! Dancing is an amazing way to let go of all worries, giving you the feeling of freedom, be kind to yourself and allow yourself that freedom and that truly happy feeling. Think of Ellen, there is a reason she dances before every show, and take it from my parents, after almost 50 years of marriage, dancing is still their happy place. So just do it, even if you feel silly. Crank up the music, alone or with a friend, your partner or your kids and just DANCE. (don’t forget to post videos!!)

Day 4

Give Back/Volunteer/Pay it Forward. This is a weekly task and for good reason. When we give back to others the feeling that fills you up is inexplainable. It is a completely different level of happy because you are giving happy to another. This can be done simply, or it can be dedicated time in the day, however you want to do it, but do something for someone else today, without expecting anything in return.

I will be listing suggestions for volunteering or ideas that come to me for these days, but please, please post yours!!

Day 5

Reflection/Self-Care. This is another weekly task as it is so very important that we take a moment to reflect our week, on our thoughts and on our emotions. Use this day to meditate, pray, read, sleep, or just sit in the quiet to calm your mind, hear your heart, and connect to yourself so you are ready for the week ahead. I know life can get busy, but please do not skip this day, it’s so very important for your well being and for your soul.

I will post suggested meditations and books for these days, and don’t hesitate to share your favorite as well.


So that’s Week 1!! Not so bad right?! I will be posting throughout the week to check in on you all and would love to hear from you so don’t be shy!! Thank you for joining me on this journey, my hope is that I can help you alter your thoughts, even a little, in a more positive direction, while you help me find my happy too!!

Much Love,


Click on the link to access the full month of August….Calendar

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Stop Lying and Start Believing in Yourself

So I had a tough morning with self-doubt, but luckily the universe snapped back and woke me up. I really debated whether or not to post this, but felt it necessary for myself, and what I’m attempting to accomplish. I tried to post a selfie to a profile today, and almost cried…to me, in my own mind, I saw aged and crazy eyes (not sure why my eyes always do that lol) and truly doubted the idea that I could help others because i don’t have the “look”. I know it sounds insane to say but those thoughts in your head seem so very real. Thankfully as I said, the universe replied to these thoughts not very subtly, with posts and articles hitting my email and social media sites with a vengeance all with the underlying message that I am enough and those thoughts are pure lies stemmed from fear.

Don’t ever doubt that you are enough, or worth it, the truth is you are, we all are and when we start to see it for ourselves, we become capable of just about anything ❤️

The selfie that broke me, but the selfie that also proved I’m capable of just about anything ❤️

Allow Yourself to Feel, Even if It’s Not Happy

When setting out on a path to find your “you” or searching for a more positive, happy life, we can sometimes get caught up in the “rules”. To be happy, you must always be cheery, you should always look at things with a positive spin, you should always take the high road, you should, you should, you should… Well, that’s all fine and dandy, and while striving to accomplish just that is admirable, it’s not at all realistic. If we, as living, breathing humans could maintain “happy” all the time, we would not be human. However, how we handle the emotions we are feeling can determine how clear the path to a more positive way of life will be.Allow yourself to feel

This was a difficult lesson for me, because when I have attempted the positive path in the past and sought to inspire it, I felt that if I didn’t follow the “rules” I was fraudulently living and blogging about something I had no business writing about. How can I inspire happiness if I was feeling something other than elated or peppy? This idea I had in my mind derailed me often. I would be disappointed in myself, and that disappointment spiraled into insecurity, which spiraled into thinking I was ridiculous to believe I was the person that could talk about living happy. What I didn’t realize was that I was just in a moment, and if I wouldn’t have fought my emotions, and I acknowledged my feelings and allowed myself to feel what I felt just at that moment, happiness could and would have followed.

Happiness does not mean we have to be upbeat and peppy all the time. If that is what anyone is expecting, they are setting themselves up to fail. Happy means that when we do feel sad, lonely, angry, or frustrated we acknowledge it and allow ourselves to feel it. Cry, go for a walk, vent to a friend, let out the emotions that are bottled up, and then come to terms with those emotions, and find our way back to our best path more clearly. Burying the negative feelings does not mean they go away, it just means they fester until one day it all boils over, and for me, it meant quit what I knew in my heart I was meant to do. 

My advice to you, is when you feel like happy just isn’t happening that day, acknowledge it, feel it, allow the emotions to flow through you, and release them in a healthy meaningful way, then Breathe. This too shall pass, and happiness is still an option, just give yourself that moment. When you are genuinely honest with how you are feeling, the process of healing and moving into a new frame of mind becomes so much more feasible. Remember to breathe, rely on your tribe, be honest with yourself, and soon it’s no longer just a path, but happiness becomes your way of life. write these words because I feel it’s so very important to acknowledge the truth of the moment and the honesty of how you are feeling. Be true to you and the path is so much more clear. 

Much Love,


Find Your Tribe

“Surround yourself with the dreamers, and the doers, the believers, and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.” Edmund Lee

My favorite thing about writing this time around is not trying to figure out what to write about, but it is deciding which idea out of the endless ideas I have scribbled down speaks to me that day. The difference is absolutely stemmed from me, and how I’m feeling about myself, but I also give a massive amount of credit to those who surround me. I am constantly inspired, supported and loved, and because of that, my creative soul is nourished, and my fears are calmed. The day I chose to go out and seek my tribe was the day my life was altered. When I chose to open myself up to new experiences and new people, and trust the positive energy I encountered, my path, my life and my purpose shifted.

Before I embarked on my journey to find happy, I was closed off, unsure how people would see me, judge me, or if they would even understand me. I was afraid to trust, and because I barely knew myself, I was afraid to allow myself to be known. It took time, change of perspective, change of heart and a new way of thinking, but for the first time in my life, I can truly show those around me who I am, the real me, the me that I’m finally able to be, and in turn be the partner, mother, daughter, sister, niece, cousin and friend I’ve longed to be, without fear and without walls. I choose to surround myself with those who are like-minded, like-spirited and encourage and embody love. Most importantly I surround myself with those who love me, flaws and all, unconditionally. I am becoming who I am meant to be because I have found my tribe, my soul nourishing “spiritual” tribe, and my heart is always full because this tribe that allows me to find me, just continues to grow.

When you surround yourself with people who see you, really see you, for everything you are, without restraint or judgment, you find a light inside yourself you may never have allowed yourself to see before. When you have people to laugh with, cry with, share ideas with, run with, veg with, collaborate with and share your honest life with, conquering the world seems more possible than ever. When supported and guided by those who see you for you, the person behind the shy, insecure, shameful, sad and unhappy person you used to be, shines bright to show the world the beautiful, kind, talented, fun, loving, confident human you are meant to be.

Find your tribe. Seek out those who cheer your successes, teach you that your failures are just lessons toward greatness, love you through the hard times, and are a big part of the great times. Surround yourself with those who see you for every part of you, every crack, every smile, every insecurity, every crazy idea, and love you still. Share your life with those who lift you up, feed your soul and embody the spirit of who you are, and who you strive to be.

Much Love,


Please excuse the below, it’s my first attempt at video editor… and these are the pictures that were easiest to access, but just a small glimpse at a few of my awesome people, the tribe I consider my family…

Inspiring Energy to Live Happy

Today I had the privilege to be inspired by like-minded, passionate women, who are helping shape a better world by using their gifts to give back. Normally, I am the first in line when there is an empowerment seminar or workshop, soaking up all the inspiration I can, but somehow this one almost slipped by me, and I am so grateful I was able to attend last minute.

One thing I have learned in my journey to a happier, whole life is that when you


Fit With Wit – Whitney, our gracious host

gather enthusiastic and passionate women together there is no mountain too high and no such thing as impossible. Local fitness coach and coffee connoisseur Whitney “Fit With Whit” (Fit With Wit!) Hagarbome realized this when she brainstormed the idea of a women’s retreat to share knowledge, positivity and love.

Hosting at her family’s beautiful farm, we started the day with Yoga instructed by the awesome Gina Sessions (Younique Yoga), and it was an amazing kickstart to the inspiration that followed. With her humor and her “Gina” pace, we were led thru a relaxing, and of course, challenging routine to wake our senses and open our minds to what we were about to hear.

Once we were full of Zen, Whitney herself was the first to speak, and although she may have been a little nervous, she killed it. Engaging and encouraging, Whitney shared with us her four tips on how to find the energy to live the life you want.

  • Minimize Choices – The less choices we have, the less time we spend overthinking small decisions, and the more time we spend on the things we are passionate about;
  • Have a Routine – Routine seems like a daunting task, but having one can help us manage our time and days in a much less chaotic fashion;
  • Remove the Negative – Negative energy is contagious, and when we remove it, whether it be a person or a situation, we find peace; and
  • Surround Yourself by a Spiritual Tribe – Spiritual, as in people who believe in the same things as you…health, happiness and positivity.

Emily Frisella, author of The Fresh Farmhouse Kitchen: Clean-Eating Comfort Food

This was fabulous advice I must say, and points that should be taken to heart and lived every day. Whitney gave us much to think about and then gave the mic over to Emily Frisella (Emily Frisella) so she could give us some insight on organization and planning, and how it can be vital to remain positive.

Emily is the author of The Fresh Farmhouse Kitchen: Clean-Eating Comfort Food, entrepreneur and awesome cook (I couldn’t get enough of her chocolate chip cookies), but she is also someone who walks into a room and you can physically feel her good energy. Not a trait we see all the time, but one that makes it difficult to not listen to what she has to say. Full of smiles and great guidelines on how planning and organization allows for those goals you set to be met, and the fast food nights become less of a habit, she kept us all taking notes. I will definitely be using her ideas to help me get organized in my crazy world!

Ashley Nordman (Ashley Nordman) was next, and dang would I love to pick her brain.


Ashley, fitness coach/1st Phorm athlete

Health coach and 1st Phorm Athlete, Ashley shared with us workouts for the everyday human, nutritional tips and meal ideas. She was personable, full of knowledge and helped breakdown the how and whys of both fitness and good eating, acknowledging that every person and every body is different. Reiterating that we need to allow ourselves to test what works for us individually, and not rely solely on what everyone is telling us to be true. Thank you for that reminder Ashley!

After a short break to eat some fabulous organic and local food brought to us by Green is Good by Kate (Green is Good by Kate) , we then heard from two speakers, who if they didn’t touch that sensitive part of your soul, you don’t have one. First up was Stephanie Pond Lawler (Warrior Fitness) , health coach, positive speaker, and proud mother. Stephanie talked to us about heartbreak, being at our lowest, feeling as if we couldn’t climb and learning to Flip the Switch from negative thinking to positive. Leaning on her


Stephanie, coach/mom – Flipping the Switch.

personal story of raising a beautiful special needs child, she gave the foundation of how she Flipped the Switch. I must apologize because I was taking notes the entire time, however may have missed a few bullet points, but I will do my best:

  • Self-Awareness – Yes, understanding who we are and how we’re feeling is so important;
  • Mend & Delete – Love this! Delete the negative, mend the broken;
  • Create New Habits – Give yourself a chance to follow through so we can stick with healthy habits;
  • Teach Others from Your Own Struggles – I truly believe in this. Sometimes knowing that we are not alone is the one thing that gets us through;
  • It’s Not All About You – Preach girl! When we change our mindset on how something may be affecting us, to how it’s about other people, our perspective changes; and then my favorite…
  • Passion is Your Responsibility – OMG Yes – Thank you Stephanie – We choose to follow our passion, we choose to share our gifts, and we are responsible for doing so.

Truly thought provoking and inspirational. I will take these points with me and have faith they will help me along my own journey. And, as if that wasn’t enough, we were then graced with a speaker whose powerful story not only tugged at heart strings and shook emotions, but also confirmed for me personally that when we honor our story, we can do amazing things.


Karen “KJ” author of Cake? Yes please and me.

Karen Luther “KJ” (Cake? Yes Please) , took us on a rollercoaster of emotion as she told us how she became the blogger, author and health coach she is today. Her down to earth personality sucked you in as you laughed and possibly cried, and her powerful reason for speaking was a perfect close of the day…

Don’t Quit — TODAY.

Not quitting anything, ever, may not be possible, but not quitting on yourself today very much is, and when we take care of ourselves, we learn to love ourselves and, when we love ourselves, we not only take care of ourselves, we pass it on to others. What an amazing idea – to love ourselves. What an incredible lesson to take away. I deeply hope that the women I shared this day with take that lesson in, I know I did. I look forward to Karen’s book “Cake? Yes please”, hitting the shelves in August.

Now, last, but absolutely not least, I have to give a huge shout out to local runner, coach sole projectand inspiration, Jessica Halliar. I met Jessica last year when I began training for my first half marathon. She was my running coach and could not have be more kind and incredibly humble then, and still now. Jessica is a fantastic runner/athlete who deserves a spotlight of recognition for what she has, and is, doing for her local community. Wanting to give back to her small town and to those in need, Jessica started a not-for-profit that collected running shoes for those who could not afford them, and now has taken the charity to a new level by running 30 miles to raise money for the local high school’s athletic departments. Today, Fit With Wit sponsored raffle tickets to help the cause. Sole Project (Sole Project) is an insanely awesome example on how a small idea can turn into something incredible. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m honored to know her, and can’t wait to see the impact she has, not just on her small community, but the world.

While nobody asked me to write this, I felt compelled to spread the positivity. My hope is that if I share what was shared with me, we can continue to pay it forward. I cannot thank each of these beautiful women enough for having the courage to tell their stories and share their gifts with us on this rainy July day. A special thanks to Whitney “FitWithWit” for organizing this wonderful event. Truly thank you, you are all an inspiration, and know that your ripple effect has had enormous impact.

To anyone who reads this, I hope you take this as an invitation to seek out incredible events like this one, take in the messages, and be inspired to live the life you were meant to live.

Much Love,


P.S. This day has inspired an enormous amount of ideas, and one particular one I cannot wait to share. Stay tuned…

P.P.S. I hope you check out all the links within this post, each of them have so much to share!


My awesome and ironic find today! Sometimes you just can’t ignore the signs.

Breathe…through it

For one to live, we must fill our lungs with air and release the carbon dioxide from within. This is a simple and usually automatic action for every living creature. So why, when we are stressed, overwhust-realhe-just-breathe-powerofpositivity-18995027elmed or panicked do we forget to breathe.

Personally, this lapse of thought happens all too often when I run. It’s my biggest hurdle. I start off at a steady pace and if I’m feeling good, as I gain distance, I lose my mind and move faster than my body is ready for. When this happens, I start to suck air, quickly, as if I was holding it in for hours and now I’m playing catch up. My chest gets heavy and there are moments I even feel light headed. I tend to believe it’s because I suck at running, and the more strained I become, the more frustrated I get, and the more strained I become, it’s the cycle of hell. At least that’s how it feels.

At the moment when I’m about to stop, give up, just sit down on the trail and call for a ride, I hear an all too familiar voice, “breathe through it.” Just when I need it most, it’s my running partner, friend and coach, “breathe through it Lisa”. It’s funny, that when we are physically strained or uncomfortable, we have a tendency to remind ourselves, or each other that the air filling our lungs will reduce the sensation of pain. However, when it’s an emotional period in our lives, we can’t seem to remember to breathe.

While I’m sure many parents out there will tell me I’m wrong, because they reminded themselves to breathe 142 times today before their head exploded due to summer vacation only being half over, I totally get it. But, what about the time when you forgot your kindergartener’s sack lunch for the field trip at the zoo, or the night you scrambled to write your final paper for school because you spent the day consoling a friend, or the time when your boss stood over your shoulder while you finished a deadline, or facing a room full at a big interview, or the day your husband came home defeated because he just got laid off, or the call that there was an accident. While each of these scenarios are on different parts of the spectrum of stress and panic, each of them, requires a “breathe” factor to break that cycle of hell we are caught in.

Sometimes that emotional moment, self-inflicted or from another source, takes us to a place where we forget that we need to fill our lungs with air so we can keep moving forward. We forget that in order to live we must breathe.

We are faced with obstacles every day, minor ones, major ones and some catastrophic, and while there are times we want to give up and sit down on the trail, a lot of times we just need to close our eyes, slowly suck in air to fill our chest, hold it just a second and remind ourselves that we are capable of much more than we realize, and at that very moment our first step is to breathe.

When we allow ourselves this breath, amazing things occur; physically our heart rate slows, and our head stops spinning, and mentally we may get just a little more clear in our reaction, solution, or perspective. It can take a few seconds or a few hours, but you’d be surprised the strength, courage and self-awareness you can find if you just Breathe Through It…

Much Love,