Love in Silence

Strength in love comes in many forms, such as a kind word, a gentle touch or the truth that may be difficult to speak, however a silent presence can be the greatest gift you give 🧡 sometimes the best of friends know when to listen and just be 🦋🧡 Have a beautiful day!


Reflecting and remembering who we are at the core is so important for our mental health. Take a moment for you, to breathe, to remind yourself and to reconnect 🧡 Practicing self care is key to living your best life, so take care of you and you can then walk in your true path 🦋🧡Have a peaceful day!

Forgiveness Brings You Peace

When we hold onto hate it darkens us from the inside out, controlling our actions, our thoughts and our hearts, blinding us from who we are meant to be. When we choose to forgive, we ignite our path with light, and our hearts make room for love🧡Forgiveness is not for others as much as it is for ourselves, allowing us to walk lighter, speak kinder and grow into our true selves 🦋🧡Have an amazing day!

Surround Yourself With Love

Surround yourself with people who walk with the same intent for this life, who lift you up and cheer your successes, who stand by you in the dark times and celebrate with you in the light. 🧡 Find your tribe and embrace the gift it is to share this life with them 🦋🧡and have a restful and wonderful day!

Real is Beautiful

To be real and genuine to ourselves and others is a beautiful act that can sometimes get lost in our own idea of what should or should not be. 🧡 Don’t let others define who you are, we are not made for perfection. Show the world your true self and your true heart and your true path will be revealed. Have a fabulous day 🦋🧡