Walk With Loving Intent

Be kind, you may shift another’s world with just a smile. Work hard to chase your dreams, only you know how to accomplish that. Stay humble, you will fall and you will need a hand to help you up, remember we are all human. Stay honest, to yourself and to others. Stay loyal, your tribe will be your ultimate cheerleaders. Travel and experience new places and new people, it fills your soul. Be grateful always, you have many blessings in your life, remember to recognize even the small ones, and love often, with all your heart, because that is what life is about 🧡🦋🧡 Have a beautiful day!

You are Beautiful

Happy Friday! This is my reminder to you that you are beautiful 🧡 Some days we cannot see in ourselves the amazingness that we are, as we are blinded by self-doubt and fear, but those around us have their eyes wide open to all we are capable of. Believe them, and believe in you, because you are beautiful, you are strong, you are kind and you are loved 🦋🧡Have a fantastic day!

Real is Beautiful

To be real and genuine to ourselves and others is a beautiful act that can sometimes get lost in our own idea of what should or should not be. 🧡 Don’t let others define who you are, we are not made for perfection. Show the world your true self and your true heart and your true path will be revealed. Have a fabulous day 🦋🧡

We Cannot Control it All, But We Can Control Our Reaction

Not everyday is going to be sunshine and rainbows. There will be difficult and trying moments no doubt, however, it’s how we respond in these moments that can change our course.

Yesterday’s was a challenge to stay positive due to a domino effect of crappy things in the morning l, but I consciously made an effort and the whole day shifted turning out to be quite good 🧡 (more on that later 😊)

We cannot control every outcome, every situation or any person in our lives, but we can control our reaction and our thoughts. Stay aware of your mindset even in the tough moments and respond with grace and understanding. You can change the direction and incredible things are bound to come your way. Have a beautiful day 🦋🧡

Set Goals You Love

We set our goals for 2019, we made a list in our heads or it’s hanging on the fridge, but do those goals excite you, do they drive you, or do they make you cringe as you read them?🧡Set goals that get your blood flowing, that excite you to the core and make steps each day to reach those goals! You’ve got this, make it amazing! 🦋🧡


There is magic in a smile, for others who see it and for those who wear it 🧡 Smiling can shift a mood or a day. Do it often, for you and for those you encounter as you walk through life and have an incredible start of the week 🦋🧡

Self Care Sunday

It’s important to remember to take a breath and refuel in all aspects of your life, mental, physical and spiritual 🧡 Take a member, a few hours, or the day for yourself to reflect, plan and recenter your intentions for the week, and have a restful, relaxing Sunday 🦋🧡