Quiet the Devil Inside

I’m sure I am not alone when I reveal that one of my biggest struggles throughout my life has been self-doubt. And, as an added bonus being an over thinker by nature allowed for deep conversations with myself on how many different ways I wasn’t good enough. I believe we are the best at beating ourselves up because we are our own easiest target.

Acknowledging the self defeating voices in my head and learning to quiet them has been one of my most difficult lessons and one that I work on daily. However, when I succeed and I clear away the self doubting fog, the road to my dreams begins to pave its own way. 🧡

You will face this battle more than one time in your journey toward you, and it will make you question all that you have done and all you want to do, but you must quiet the devil inside who attempts to stop you from being who you are meant to be, and listen to those who love you, and listen to the heart that drives you as they whisper that you are enough.

We are all meant for greatness whatever the definition for that may be for us, and when we believe that for ourselves, anything is possible 🦋🧡

Have a beautiful day and remember you are enough!

You are Beautiful

Happy Friday! This is my reminder to you that you are beautiful 🧡 Some days we cannot see in ourselves the amazingness that we are, as we are blinded by self-doubt and fear, but those around us have their eyes wide open to all we are capable of. Believe them, and believe in you, because you are beautiful, you are strong, you are kind and you are loved 🦋🧡Have a fantastic day!

Be Kind To Yourself

Now this is a diet I can get on board with! 🧡 When we remove the negative from the inner workings of ourselves, it will show in ways that benefit us inside and out. Be kind to yourself and watch what happens 🦋🧡 Have a beautiful Saturday!

Resolutions Undefined


It’s that time again, time to list resolutions for the year ahead, defining a “new” start, a “new” year, a “new” you. Well, pardon me if I say, forget that noise. Don’t get me wrong, I believe setting goals and working toward them is healthy in all aspects of life, however I do not believe success or failures of your “list” should ever define you. Life has unexpected events, twists and turns, hardships and successes, and we are not given the play by play of what the next chapter will bring, so while we strive to be better every day, let us strive to accept who we are as enough.

That list, and whether or not we stop even looking at it in a week or in a few months does not define you, and is not the judge or jury on your track toward living your best life, but it can be a reminder. For me, I will be making a list of goals because I feel it’s important to visualize our dreams, but in the process I will also remind myself that this list is only a guide on the path of continuing to be the best version of me for the present moment of each day, and not a list that defines me, because while…

I will make healthier and realistic choices for me, my weight/body type, food choices and gym time do NOT define me;

I will make smarter financial decisions for me and my family, my wealth or material things do NOT define me;

I will strive to turn my “job” into my dream, my title does NOT define me; and

I will make attempts to forgive myself and those who have hurt me, my past does NOT define me.

These reminders not only allow me to see what does not define me but what does, and that is the love in my heart, the kindness I share and the peace in my soul. I am enough, and I wouldn’t trade this me for a “new” me any year, because this me is pretty darn awesome no matter where I am in the journey of this life.

You are enough, every little quirk, every scar, every smile, every choice and every piece that makes you, you. Set your goals for you, work to accomplish them for you, but always remember what truly defines you.

Reflecting on 2018, I am grateful for every lesson, fear overcome, goal reached, and connections made and look forward to each in the year to come.

Much love and happiness for the new year!

Lisa J.

Stop Lying and Start Believing in Yourself

So I had a tough morning with self-doubt, but luckily the universe snapped back and woke me up. I really debated whether or not to post this, but felt it necessary for myself, and what I’m attempting to accomplish. I tried to post a selfie to a profile today, and almost cried…to me, in my own mind, I saw aged and crazy eyes (not sure why my eyes always do that lol) and truly doubted the idea that I could help others because i don’t have the “look”. I know it sounds insane to say but those thoughts in your head seem so very real. Thankfully as I said, the universe replied to these thoughts not very subtly, with posts and articles hitting my email and social media sites with a vengeance all with the underlying message that I am enough and those thoughts are pure lies stemmed from fear.

Don’t ever doubt that you are enough, or worth it, the truth is you are, we all are and when we start to see it for ourselves, we become capable of just about anything ❤️

The selfie that broke me, but the selfie that also proved I’m capable of just about anything ❤️